Designer: Patricia Urquiola – design star with innovation and emotion

Designer: Patricia Urquiola – design star with innovation and emotion

Patricia Urquiola designs for the most important Italian and International companies. Born in Spain, she now lives in Milan where she was mentored by some of the masters of Italian Industrial design: Achille Castiglioni. She opened her studio in Milan creating a truly global enterprise. Patricia Urquiola's distinctive style combines a minimalistic approach with floral references, creating designs that are simplistic yet playful. Her unique creations stimulate curiosity and emotion in design enthusiasts all over the world. She won several prestigious design awards such as Designer of the decade” for the German magazines “Home” and “Häuser” and was awarded with the Gold Medal of fine arts by the Spanish Government. Several of her pieces are displayed in museums and her Fjord armchair is part of MOMA New York's permanent collection.

Casinna Beam Sofa System
BEAM sofa for Cassina by Patricia Urquiola

Recently, Patricia Urquiola was hired as Creative Design Director of Cassina. The partnership marks Poltrona Frau Group’s growing global vision and its desire to continue to increase the potential of its companies, keeping their creative choices independent and consistent with their positioning. As the company is preparing to celebrate its 90th anniversary, this collaboration further enriches Cassina’s creative power. The first projects completed for Patricia Urquiola and Cassina include the renewal of the brand’s historic Midtown New York Showroom, research and development for new projects to be launched, and the preparation of Cassina’s extensive 90 year celebration program for 2017. Her first introduction of furniture was at the Milan Salone del Mobile in April 2016.

Kathy and I look forward to seeing Patricia's new introductions at Milan's Salone del mobile furniture fair in April.

Cassina Beam Sofa SystemBEAM sofa for Cassina by Patricia Urquiola


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