Dedon: Luxury German Outdoor Furniture in Sarasota

Dedon: Luxury German Outdoor Furniture in Sarasota


A company that has been working hard since the 1980's, DEDON is dedicated to the best outdoor furniture. Creating the perfect living space while having fun doing so is the motto of the company. Using the patented DEDON fiber, the furniture stays beautiful through every season, and comfortable for every occasion.

DEDON Origins

Dedon Founder Robert Dekeyser

Robert Dekeyser

The founder of the company, Robert Dekeyser, never dreamed of being an entrepreneur. He was a successful football player who sustained an injury, conjuring the idea of starting a company during his recovery. Originally, he had no idea he would sell furniture, he just knew he wanted to have fun creating something with his friends and family. Through different twists and turns and his longing to create harmony in the world, he arrived at a formula for outdoor furniture.

The origin of Dedon furniture stemmed from Robert's need for harmony. He began with his innovative synthetic fiber, then began researching woven pieces that reflected handcrafting combined with durability. He searched the planet for the world's best weavers, finding them in the Philippines. This dedication to work with only the best is what set the company apart from others from the beginning. That beginning has stretched around the world, with today's Dedon brand being manufactured and sold in every corner of the globe.

Passionate Quality

Robert's dedication to the process is not lost on the rest of the company. Every person who works with Dedon is dedicated to the highest possible quality to keep the company at the top. Starting with the fiber, and ending with the finished product, every piece has to be perfect to include the Dedon name. The fiber is manufactured in Germany and is unmatched in strength, weather stability, and durability. The Dedon furniture company also owns the fiber and furniture production facilities, allowing the company to ensure the highest possible quality. Furniture is woven in a way that combines old craftmanship with innovative, modern technology, giving the customer a handcrafted feel that maintains consistent durability.

Worldwide Innovator Of Woven Furniture

In the grand scheme of business, Dedon is a young company. However, before Robert began his research, the idea of woven outdoor furniture was non-existent. Dedon created and perfected the concept that many furniture makers have attempted to copy. However, Dedon corners the market on long-lasting fibers through its ongoing research into what makes the best outdoor furniture. Further, the unique mix of traditional hand-crafting with modern technology creates a stability unmatched anywhere else. The revolution in outdoor furniture began at Dedon, and continues to improve within Dedon's unprecedented production center. Other companies have tried, unsuccessfully, to copy his concept, only to fall short in design or function.

Classic Furniture from Dedon

Dedon wants customers to get outside and chill, and creates collections to make it comfortable. The collections include the Brixx, the Tibbo, the Dala, the Mbrace, the Ahnda, and the Dean. Each collection offers different advantages to the user, but each comes with the solid Dedon furniture guarantee of quality and craftmanship.

Brixx From Dedon


This line represents the first time DEDON introduced fully upholstered items. It is the BRIXX by Lorenza Bozzoli, and it offers an all around, 360 degree functionality. Whether lounging or socializing, the sophisticated, naturally refined flexibility of this system provides a hint of playfulness and yards of luxury. The rectangular modules provides the perfect backdrop for ultimate outdoor comfort. Dream up a personal configuration with this collection that happily combines into whatever pattern you choose.

Tibbo - Dedon Outdoor Furniture


The amazing British designers Jay Osgerby and Edward Barber created this line to represent the seamless merging of indoor and outdoor spaces. This is the first time DEDON has completed a teak collection, combining superior craftmanship and comfort with elegant distinction. The lounge and dining elements are reminiscent in the TIBBO furniture with a stylish mix of woven fiber, textiles, and teak. The look is luxurious, the feel is rich, and the design is just right for a living/dining space.

Dala - Outdoor Furniture From Dedon


The Dala line borrows inspiration from artisans and improvised genius of developing countries. Structure and surface combine seamlessly in the versatility of this collection created by Stephen Burks. Each piece begins with aluminum mesh, which is then threaded by DEDON's masters in weaving. The colorful strands created from DEDON's ecological fiber are added to the frame with the utmost care and perfection, delivering a piece to last through the ages.

MBrace - Dedon Outdoor Furniture


Sebastian Herkner created the MBRACE collection, which includes a wonderful, unconventional feel to furniture for the poolside. The DEDON fiber, woven into the seating, and the sturdy teak base come together like never before. The resulting pieces catch the eye, and the admiration, of all poolside visitors. MBRACE captures the feel of Nordic traditions combined with relaxed luxury that is unprecedented in the industry.

Ahnda - Outdoor Furniture


Ahnda, designed by Stephen Burks, is the outdoor lounger that combines ergonomic comfort with luxury and style. The attention to detail is to be expected from the best pieces on the market. Burks buried himself in the culture of weaving while in the Philippines, and emerged with the open weave, which has become a signature of this piece. The waterproof DEDON fiber helps provide the fresh look to this classic lounge chair.

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