Draenert: German Furniture in Sarasota

Draenert: German Furniture in Sarasota

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Draenert History

The Draenert Company has been producing and designing furniture for 50 years. The magic happens in Immenstaad on beautiful Lake Constance. Gorgeous dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables are created with wood, metal, natural stone and glass on patented extension machines. The company portfolio includes matching benches and chairs that include different functionalities. Presently, the company sends designs to 50 countries around the world. Experts in natural stonework, Draenert harvests from 180 different types of stone, pulling in material globally. When combined with the wood, a natural, aesthetic, beautiful piece abounds every time.

Draenert is known for a number of projects in the hospitality, office, and public sectors. The modern workshops include masters in stone, varnishing, carpentry, upholstery and design. This happy combination places the company in a position to implement the designs of individuals, as well as the company-led pieces. Draenert includes 60 staff in addition to work completed with designers from all over the world. This owner-operated business has spent its history breaking ground in high-end furniture.

Humble Beginnings

The Draenert Company was founded by Dr. Peter and Karin Draenert in 1968. The couple began designing furniture together in Germany, eventually building a worldwide empire. Dr. Patric Draenert took over the company, managing after the original owners retired. Together, these early entrepreneurs created a product that has traveled all over the world. The Draenerts created a sturdy financial structure and cultivated highly trained, dedicated employees to keep their business successful for a half a century and beyond.

Draenert Design in Museums Around the World

Draenert Museum Modern Art Exhibition New York Womb Chair

Draenert can be found in art museums all over the world. The function and style of these pieces is refined, emphasized by the Art Edition collection. The pieces reach beyond current standards of modern furniture, creating pieces that surpass standards to become standout candidates that represent this era of furniture design. The combination of Draenert pieces with modern art representations creates a modern, seamless feel to top museums worldwide.

Exhibitions featuring works from Draenert have been on display in many art galleries around the world including:

  • Victoria & Albert-Museum, London
  • Museum For Applied Arts, Cologne
  • Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York
  • Museum Of Modern Art, New York
  • Athenaeum Chicago, Usa
  • Staatliche Museen Zu Berlin
  • Neue Sammlung, Munich

Highlighted Draenert Projects

Customized pieces designed per client request are found across the globe. Draenert partners with companies such as Home Resource to bring unique pieces to each client.

Draenert Barcode Table - Marble Furniture Custom Furnishing Project By Draenert

Project One: Munich, Germany: Residential Penthouse

The request of this penthouse owner was for a unique piece to give the space a new flair. The customer chose the color combination specifically from the Draenert collection of stone for his new table. The Barcode, which is an avant-garde furniture design, highlights the combining qualities of the conference and the dining tables. All Barcodes are single pieces, and numbered individually. The expertise knowledge in design is essential and noticeable in this table. The material is a combination of the following stone: Branco Quarzit from Brazil, River Gold from India, Brown Silk from Brazil.

Draenert Marble Conference Table Custom Furnishing Project By Draenert

Project Two: Cologne, Germany: Corporate Conference Room

The challenge in this design was a 9 meter long table system that was to be functional as well as flexible. There were three required “Adler” elements involved, all which were fitted with necessary media equipment with connections. Included are manually extractable rollers, creating a retractable conference table. The equipment for the high-end media routes itself through the sturdy oak tabletop for concealment and style. This Adler Confere table consists of oak, stainless steel matte pedestals, and stainless steel media doors.

Draenert Stone Dining Desk Bejing China Custom Furnishing Project By Draenert

Project Three: Beijing, China: Residential Cooking and Dining

This large work and dining table is representative of modern, open living areas. The innovation in concept brings working, cooking and dining together into the kitchen space. It becomes the pinnacle of communication and the center point of the home. This table is extended along the axis with a soundless displacement motor. Included are trolleys at each end that can be moved without a cooling or cooking function. The Draenert Dining Desk is the perfect combination of private dining and open, modern architecture. The ambiance is offset by natural stone design. The added Statuary marble touches the room with elegance, and is highlighted with black front in high gloss. This highlighted table is a must for an exclusive living space. This room includes the Dining Desk in Italian marble, the Bar Counter in Italian marble, the Draenert Linus chair, and the Nobile bar stool, covered in core leather.

Tabula Table From Draenert Custom Furnishing Project By Draenert

Project Four: New York City, USA: Residential Penthouse

The views of Manhattan are accessible to up to 16 dinner guests at this dining table. This custom-made piece is the Tabula, and is unique to date. It includes two mirrored veined tops at a length of 4.26 meters. There is no center leg required, however, due to the single-piece steel frame constructed over the four existing legs. This gives the table ample leg room and an appealing visual charm. The elements of chrome are built into the stone with a marquetry-like system. This process is completed with a water-jet technique. This stone slab was selected by the customer for its specific veining. The Tabula, a single manufactured piece created per customer specifications, comes from complete precision and the best possible craftmanship. This table was built from Statuary Extra, which is Italian marble. Its dimensions are 1.8 centimeters by 4.26 meters.

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