Cassina, Where World Class Design Meets Modern Manufacturing

Cassina, Where World Class Design Meets Modern Manufacturing

Cassina Modern Furniture Manufacturing, as a major manufacturer, has spent decades specializing in processing high quality woods, leathers, and other materials for their high-end furniture. This manufacturer relies on tradition in craftmanship, combining it with computer technology and today’s technological innovations. Every material that comes into the factory is checked by hand, where deficiencies are marked. They are then cut perfectly with specific software and high-tech scans.

Every piece from Cassina must pass the strictest controls. The company monitors the production process from beginning to end with bar codes. This means that each piece has a personalized bar code to ensure it meets the perfection standards that have come to be expected from this company.

Cassina’s Process in Fabricating Metal Contemporary Furniture

Each piece of metal stock in the factory is plated with the Trivalent Chromium Plating, or CR3, to help increase safety within production environments. This process also helps reduce the impact the process will have on the environment.

Exposed metal structures included in the products from Cassina serve functional, as well as aesthetic, purposes, as function and beauty were the main goals of founders and original designer C. Perriand, P. Jeanneret, and Le Corbusier. Further, the furniture demonstrates a stark break from tradition happily combined with a higher innovative standard to furniture design.

The curvature of each metal structure does not come from bending, but from specific welding practices that deliver flawless curves with superior strength. The metal is welded, then submitted to a long, painstaking brushing process. This helps smooth the surface and provide a polished finished look. These are the details that signify a true Cassina piece.

The chromium plating process is always completed manually. Extra thick plating guarantees added support and strength to each piece of furniture.

Every part of the furniture creation is subjected to vigorous checks to make sure Cassina quality is delivered every time.

Old World Craftmanship Marries High Technology with Cassina Wood

Cassina Wood Furniture

Cassina Modern Furniture Manufacturing continues to build on the research began by Le Corbusier’s amazing portfolio of wood products. The company has embraced the opportunity to present and establish a strong portfolio of its own in the carpentry field. The wood production is one of the company’s strongest points.

The simple, utilitarian structure of each wood item is glorified throughout the production process. The dovetail joints, for example, on the Tabouret receive exceptional precision every time. Skill in wood crafting is evident in pieces such as the pins on the Portemanteau, thanks to smaller pools of personalized craftmanship combined with the ability to organize on a larger, more industrial scale. The wood is processed with the perfect combination of manual labor and the world’s best technology.


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