Cassina Designer Le Corbusier’s LC1 Armchair - 1920s Design At Home In Any Modern Interior

Cassina Designer Le Corbusier’s LC1 Armchair - 1920s Design At Home In Any Modern Interior

Cassina's Le Corbusier LC1 armchair is an undisputed classic design in the modern furniture age. It hails from an avant-garde collection of furniture created by the collaboration of Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand. The collection extends to include, but is not limited to, the LC2 sofa and the chaise lounge LC4. Though Le Corbusier had developed the original version of this armchair for the Villa Church project in 1928, the piece is often credited for being created in 1929. This is because the chair, along with the rest of the collection, was first presented in public at the Paris Salon d'Automne during that year. This armchair is distinguished from other similar models to this day due to its minimalist, strict reduction to the most basic geometric shapes and rejection of every superfluous ornamentation. However, the minimalist design does not take away from comfort. In fact, the LC1 armchair offers the most possible comfort, which is ensured by the sophistication in detail, such as adjustable back rest and stabilizing steel springs. Additionally, its unique high quality of materials and sophisticated production ensure a lifetime of maximum use and comfort.

Exacting Production Standards

Every piece included in the LC Collection is produced by Italian manufacturer Cassina.
The products strictly adhere to the original specification of Le Corbusier's first design. The armchair is created with steel in the base, available to consumers as black matte lacquered or chrome colors, while high quality leather or fur are incorporated into the seat and backrest. The company, as a furniture manufacturer, has spent decades specializing in processing materials of high quality, such as leather and wood. This is where the manufacturer is able to build quality furniture with traditional craftmanship, combining this quality with computer technology and technological innovation. Every material entering the factory is hand inspected then marked for cutting to perfection using the latest software. Each LC1 is then submitted to the strictest controls. Cassina watches over every step of the production process with bar codes, with each piece having its own specific code.

Historical Context For A Radical Design

The functional design and clean lines of today's familiar furniture was a breakthrough in the 1920's. A functional, neat piece was a radical change in that decade, and meant a new understanding of domesticity and aesthetics. Le Corbusier's contribution to the development of modern design began with the LC1 armchair, as well as other pieces in the LC1 collection. He helped to revolutionize how designers thought about basic furniture creation. He and his colleagues set out to design a full collection to be an alternative to the Art Deco choices of the day. They threw out the elaborate flourishes and organic lines in favor of purism, logic, clarity and the highest functionality. Additionally, the designers were focused on the available possibilities in industrialization. The division between machine production and nature is apparent in the contrasts of the smooth steel and natural leather of Cassina's armchair LC1.

Designer - Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier did not act alone in the development of this piece, yet history has noted him as the sole contributor. This is due to the fact that his work was, without a doubt, among the most important developments in modern furniture. His work, and his name, played an integral role in shaping today's furniture design. He was born Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris in 1887 and soon became active in a number of fields. He painted for architecture and helped with urban planning before settling on furniture creation. After he completed his studies of architecture, he toured Europe, developing the mindset that would eventually lead to today's furniture model. He was, and remains, controversial in the design world. Designer Le Corbusier created a number of works in India, the United States, Berlin and France, such as the Unite d'Habitation and the Ronchamps chapel before creating the LC designs.

Cassina - Innovative Furniture Design And Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Le Corbusier's armchair LC1, Cassina, enjoys a long, rich history. The company was founded in 1927, only two years before Le Corbusier introduced his armchair. This company based in Milan originally made its mark for work on cruise ship interiors, which then moved to luxury hotels as well as boutiques. They no longer work on cruise ships, though they did set the precedent for all modern luxury liners. The company began to transition into furniture design in the 1950's, combining traditional craftmanship with modern mass production possibilities. They developed visionary pieces through work with contemporary designers. The mid-60's found this company producing original pieces by designers such as Le Corbusier, such as the chaise lounge LC4, the LC2 sofa, and the armchair LC1. Additionally, their business model places a strong emphasis on designs of a contemporary nature, while continuing to work closely with some of the most renowned worldwide designers.

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