CAB bed - Cassina

CAB bed - Cassina

The CAB bed was created in 2015 by Mario Bellini for luxury Italian manufacturer Cassina. Featuring a mixture of curved lines and straight lines, the upholstered frame is available in various versions and finishes.

Kathy and I were invited to attend Mario Bellini’s presentation at the Cassina showroom in Miami. The presentation was superb and we had the opportunity to meet the fabulous team behind the CAB bed.  About ten of us went to dinner afterwards and Kathy managed to sit next to the man himself, Mario Bellini. He was talking about his inspiration for the design and mentioned that he usually doesn't sketch his design concepts, which is very uncommon for a furniture designer. Mario even mentioned a story about his exhibit at the MOMA where he was initially asked to provide his original sketches so they could be displayed along the furniture. That night, he went back to his hotel room and created sketches of the (already-existing) furniture and the next day, handed them over to the curator at MOMA.

Kathy was very intrigued and impressed by Mario’s talent and got to discuss various design ideas with him. She then mentioned that she felt the US market would need a queen version of the bed (as opposed to the king one that was originally designed). Mario was listening attentively, and then he grabbed a notebook from one of the Cassina’s executives across the table from him and immediately sketched out a queen version for the CAB bed. Kathy was speechless… I knew she wanted to steal that sketch book and cherish it as a memory of this intense, proud moment with Mario!  He handed the sketch book back to the executive and asked him to put the design into production right away.  Obviously the executive suggested that they needed to go through their regular due diligence process before they could launch a new design. After the king bed was introduced, Cassina finally agreed more than a year later to introduce the queen version of the bed. The queen Cab bed (inspired by Kathy!) is on display in our showroom.


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