Modern timeless chairs - will they ever go out of style?

Modern timeless chairs - will they ever go out of style?

Modern classic chairs like the Egg chair, the Womb chair and the Eames Lounge chair will never go out of style. Forged by the mid century modern era icons of furniture design, these chairs were the epitome of innovation when they were first conceived and still top the charts today as the greatest for their resilience and timeless design. And what is most amazing about these classic chairs is the unique way they transform an ordinary room into something spectacular. Superb craftsmanship and timeless design will provide years of comfort, aesthetic beauty and a certain sense of nostalgia. Home Resource represents the brands Knoll, Herman Miller and Fritz Hansen which license the production rights to those aforementioned chairs. Home Resource is also a member of the Be Original Americas, a nonprofit founded by Fritz Hansen, Herman Miller, and other designers to help protect the value of authentic design and invest in the future of innovation.

The mid-century icon Egg Chair is organically shaped, featuring a steel frame and a high curved back that both swivels and tilts. Its rounded bottom gives it great volume while offering some privacy. It works well in open modern spaces with high ceilings.  It was originally designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. It has since become synonymous with Danish furniture design throughout the world. Jacobsen He was the architect on the project and designed everything for the hotel including the cutlery in the dining room. 

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company, the Eames Lounge Chair is the pinnacle of this mid-century wave of modern chairs. After years of development, it was released in 1956 with a plywood frame and leather cushioning. The Office of Charles and Ray Eames was a legendary design institution that was the perfect environment for creative people to play, experiment, and explore their interests. The Eames Lounge and Ottoman are in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.  This museum piece, coupled with the ottoman is perfect for a sleek living room surrounded by fun vintage accents.

It could be a bit confusing sometimes to decide which modern chair looks best in a particular space but the Home Resource team is not at all intimated by the task.

The Womb Chair is one of the most comfortable Saarinen chairs in history. Eero Saarinen designed the groundbreaking chair at Florence Knoll’s request for a chair that was like a basket full of pillows. Saarinen, who was always fascinated by materials, was eager to explore the possibilities of a chair that achieved comfort through the shape of its shell, not necessarily the depth of its cushioning. He worked endlessly on this idea and built a number of full-scale prototypes. After many revisions, the Womb Chair was eventually created in 1946. The chair supports countless positions and provides a comforting sense of security, hence the name “Womb”.  The Womb chair is perfect for a modern living room as an accent piece.


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