Rolf Benz At Salone del Mobile In Milan Italy

Rolf Benz At Salone del Mobile In Milan Italy

Rolf Benz made a splash at the Salone del Mobile from April 17th to 22nd in Milan!

Springtime is the time of new things, and Rolf Benz Furniture did not disappoint. During this 57th annual show, inspiration bloomed for all 300,000 visitors at the world’s biggest furniture fair. There were over 2,000 companies this year, presenting contemporary living concepts, including Rolf Benz’s stylish, better-than-ordinary furniture creations.

The products featured this year were the Rolf Benz 655, the Rolf Benz 388, and the Rolf Benz 988. The public was greeted by this year’s company motto, “home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. The crowd responded well, as Rolf Benz had captured the growing desire for flexibility in furniture concepts during these times of urban nomadism and housing shortages.

The flexible, easy to combine Rolf Benz 388 sofa range adapts to every type of room, proving to be one of the most practical pieces available. The included integrated shelving was a show stealer, as style paired with practicality is a must. The nearly sculpted, yet delicately practical, Rolf Benz 988 dining table was designed by Bodo Sperlein. Available in three lengths, it changes to fit its surroundings. Finally, the elegant, subtle Rolf Benz 655 chair, created by Hoffman/Kahlesyss, fits seamlessly into many living arrangements, such as the bustling city life of Milan.

Milan loans significance to this year’s motto, “home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. The mere beauty of this city is astonishing, and is being made even more stunning with the addition of the Rolf Benz 655 design line. This line will be present in locations around Milan, providing visitors with a higher comfort zone. The company put their designs on display around the city, such as in front of the Porta Ticinese gate. This gate, created with pink granite and sporting a neo-classical feel, provided the perfect backdrop for the mobile, compact-sized living room, proving that these pieces transform any space into the comfort of home.

Next, Rolf Benz moved on to Navigli, the historical district of Milan. Setting up the mobile living room here allowed for a relaxing afternoon of charming people watching among an area reminiscent of Venice. The Piazza del Duomo, with its looming cathedral and nearby Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II arch was another must to stop and enjoy this portable, high quality furniture. Citizens of Milan were more than happy to enjoy the setup, and talk more about the Rolf Benz brand that so easily fits into any compact space.

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Continuing in creating the feeling of home all over the city, the set was moved to the CityLife district. Sitting near one of Italy’s most picturesque settings, the Generali Tower, the true majesty of the day took hold. This amazing tower was built by one of Italy’s most prominent architects, Zaha Hadid. Lounging on the Rolf Benz 655, looking up at this tower of wonder, creates a reflective perspective on life. Finally, visiting the Brera district wrapped up the traveling living room tour.

Moving around the city, and attending this year’s Salone del Mobile, brought new ideas and fresh faces to the Rolf Benz Furniture company. Cultivating from the best in the business, Rolf Benz promises to return again with only the highest quality furniture, fully customizable by the customer on demand. The company loves interacting with connoisseurs of true furniture, and appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate how home is not a place, but a feeling. No matter where the mobile furniture set traveled, it fit into its environment and created a feeling of home, even miles away from its native Germany.


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