Poltrona Frau Leather and the Method Behind the Perfection

Poltrona Frau Leather and the Method Behind the Perfection

The Italian-based Poltrona Frau leather company has been hand-crafting furniture pieces since 1912. They have perfected a system of leather creation through trial and error that now involves twenty-one steps of preparation. Creating unique, durable furniture that top-end clients is the name of the game, and Poltrona Frau plays the game well.

The specific leather used by this company is unique in the furniture business. It is processed differently than any other leather manufacturer, as it is done by the same company building the furniture.

The top layer of the dermis is one of the only parts of the hide that will qualify as full-grain, and is the only part used by Poltrona Frau. Further, the company uses discretion in choosing from full-grain selections.

Only 10 in every 100 leathers pass the Poltrona Frau leather test, and make it onto any piece.

Every Poltrona Frau piece includes enhanced sensory pleasure that comes with natural leather. This enhancement is done partly by the 21 preparation phases mentioned above. The process includes soaking, liming, fleshing, and splitting to get perfection every time.

Tanning processes and chrome treatments have been tested to perfectly balance the chemical stability of the product. This preserves the leather's flexibility and smooth feel. The company also includes a number of tests during processing, including sensory, mechanical, and physical tests. This is why so few leathers get admitted into production; 90% fail one of these rigorous tests. The leather must be durable, breathable, stain resistant, washable, comfortable, and softer than any other to make it onto a piece of Poltrona Frau furniture.

After production, the Poltrona Frau leather furniture is positioned in one of the six different collections devoted to living and lounging areas of the home.

Each collection possesses distinctions that mark it as part of that specific group, including differences in warmth, appearance, and feel.


The Pelle Frau® Color System

After the company perfected the leather tanning system, it moved on to perfect the coloring system. In 1987, the Pelle Frau® Color System was born. This range includes 96 different colors that work with the existing colors of each collection.

The 23 Pell Frau Nest colors, 6 Heritage colors, 23 Saddle colors, 12 Pelle Frau Soul colors,5 Cavallino colors, and 12 Pelle Frau Century colors all coordinate with the Color System Frau suggestions.

Combining and manipulating color to complement various decorating themes includes using the colors of production materials. This means that a piece of furniture could be colored wood, horsehair, down, or raffia. There are also color families that are weighted against a brightness scale to ensure every piece is the perfect hue.

The Poltrona Frau company creates leather that is unparalleled in the industry. They are not only creating furniture, they are creating an experience for the senses. Time and dedication are contributed to each piece, so that any piece with this name is assured to be a work of art. Combining the leather processing with coloring precision reaches beyond the standard into perfection.

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