Sarpi Dining Table


An alternative to the Doge model, the Sarpi Table by Carlo Scarpa, has more classic dimensions make it suitable for the most diverse rooms. The very thick,flat,drawn steel,glazed finish frame is made the most of by the transparent float glass. Frame: -drawn metal feet 70x20 - 50x20 cross-section -crosspieces same material 60x15 cross-section -connected by burnished screws in view -black PVC decorative inserts -brushed glazed surfaces protected with varnish Floor protection: rubber feet

Cassina Dining Room - Tables

�Top: -rectangular ( 110x210)or squared( 150x150) , in float glass -thickness 15 mm -bevelled sides with bright wire -radial corners Support on the frame: rubbers inserted into turned brass pieces


Since it was established in 1927, Cassina has worked side by side with the world’s best designers, becoming a pioneer in European design. In 1964, Cassina took over production of the licensed works of Le Corbusier and his collaborators. It continues to hold the exclusive worldwide license from the Le Corbusier Foundation.

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