Ro Chair

Fritz Hansen

Ro™ is much more than an easy chair. Its a 1�-seater where you can relax, change positions�and have your newspaper, computer or child next to you and create a new comfort zone.��The design of the shell is elegant and simple, pleasing to both the eye and the body and offers the�promise of tranquillity in both its visual expression and its comfortable functionality.��“Ro” means tranquillity in Danish. The name was chosen because it captures the point of the chair in just�two letters, thus reflecting the Nordic approach and concept of beauty.�


Fritz Hansen

Partnerships with some of the world's most recognized architects including Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm and Hans J. Wegner have resulted in an outstanding collection of designs icons such as Series 7™, the Egg™ chair, the Swan chair™ and PK22™.

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