Remus Coffee Table


10 different tabletop sizes in FLOATGLASS or OPTIWHITE can be combined with three table hights and three real wood veneers or 10 glossy varnishes for the table feet. In addition the table feet´s preferred position can be chosen: A straight modern design can be achieved with angular tabletops and tablefeet positioned directly at the corner, a homelike atmosphere with the tablefeet shifted slightly inward and the tabletop´s corners softly rounded.

Every REMUS coffee table becomes unique and adapts perfectly to your living ambience. Should you have a special request, naturally customizations or even special colors are available.


Dreieck is a family enterprise with over 25 years of exceptional modern furniture design. Their furniture is constructed with technical precision that satisfies the highest demands for quality.  Their product is highly flexible in the design so that it can be delivered in different sizes and lacquered to your favorite color.

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