The Dileto collection is developed by an expert staff and are all assembled with imported iron fittings. The fitting system is carefully constructed and quality tested to be smooth operating, easy handling and durable.Additional leather colors and textures are available upon request.
Also available in Twin sleeper, several regular sofa sizes and a chair

Bedroom Dileto - Sleepers
height: 33"
depth: 39" regular 70" TV 81" bed

width: KING 92" QUEEN 76" FULL 71"


Welcome to Dileto. We are a company that designs and manufactures high-end leather convertible furniture for customers who value quality, comfort and style. We strive to create a product that combines technology, top design trends and expert craftsmanship.

The convertible furniture available on the market in the past looked good but lacked functionality. At Dileto, we offer the most practical, long-lasting and innovative convertible furniture.