An entire room for sale, a faithful reproduction of a student room in the Maison du Brésil, inaugurated in 1959 at the Cité Internationale of the University of Paris. In the early 1950s, the Brazilian government commissioned the design from the architect Lucio Costa, who in turn brought Le Corbusier on board, over time handing over more responsibility, to the point that the latter eventually signed off the building design. Le Corbusier’s office revised a number of key elements, and then brought in Charlotte Perriand to help with the interiors. The way Le Corbusier saw it, the wardrobe would separate the entrance hall and the bathroom block from the bedroom and study areas. Charlotte Perriand, on the other hand, took a more rationalist view, favoring the idea of having the wardrobe accessible from more than one side. For the bed frame, solid wood was preferred to metal, with a mattress and bolster. The apartment also included a wall-hung bookcase and blackboard, as well as the Tabouret Maison du Bresil, already available in Cassina Collection.

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Since it was established in 1927, Cassina has worked side by side with the world’s best designers, becoming a pioneer in European design. In 1964, Cassina took over production of the licensed works of Le Corbusier and his collaborators. It continues to hold the exclusive worldwide license from the Le Corbusier Foundation.