IMM Cologne 2024

IMM Cologne 2024

A lot has changed since our last visit to IMM Cologne in 2020.

Many large companies were absent this year and numerous areas of the exhibition halls were closed off. According to statistics, only 750 exhibitors participated in this year fair versus 1,233 in 2020. Bottom line, it felt different in many ways, and it will need to undergo a transition if it's going to be the showcase for Germany furniture in the future. However, it doesn’t mean that we didn't experienced the “wow” factor. We did, and I would like to share.

Beginning with Gan Rugs. Gan Rugs is a brand owned by Gandia Blasco. We fell in love with the “Giro” rugs with their shapes. Giro’s design is based on a succession of mathematical curves which, thanks to a slight variation in in their shapes, generate the optical illusion of a tube rolled up on itself. lt's meandering textures and reliefs result in designs with movement that add a playful touch. Giro rugs are handmade with virgin wool using the hand-tufting technique.

Next is COR. Notably, the Nook Sofa by Cor was designed by Jehs+Laub and its shape is strongly reminiscent of the 1950s. Thanks to its rounded shape, we felt very “cocooned” and secure. The sofa invites you to sink in and the high back as well as the rising armrests perfectly round off the cozy feeling when sitting or lying down. Together with the matching footstool, we experienced the ultra in comfort.


Then we ventured on to Interlübke. Undoubtedly, for a complete custom interior, the “Tavi” program is prestigious allowing custom designs of low-board, sideboard, and high-board configurations with a combination of hinged doors, drawers and flaps that brings movement into the furnishing concept. The surfaces are enticing and can alternate to tempt you to play with the levels, changing the design quickly with simply going from a small to a large piece. The array of choices with design elements are astonishing and in which even the surfaces can be customized.


Lastly was Kettnaker. Their CASE system is a flexible and functional furniture system that perfectly complements modern living. With its innovative design approach, CASE creates special design flexibility for a variety of different furnishing situations. In its purist form, the new system furniture offers an attractively priced entry into the Kettnaker collection, but can also be customized for a sophisticated requirement.


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