Simple, clean, and straight to the point. With its straight forward and minimal design, the Spazio Side Board cuts out any excess fussiness so that you can enjoy its individual elements and overall composition. Consisting of your choice of a stone, wood, or lacquer, the unit effortlessly mingles its style with your style, leaving room to create a space that's uniquely you. Enjoy artistic liberty and create your ultimate space.

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For Pianca
Michael & Kathy Bush

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For Pianca

Our team of professionals at the Home Resource can help you delve through all the options and possibilities of furnishing with Pianca including:

- Selecting the right pieces for your home or business
- Choosing your custom coverings
- Furniture installed properly and hassel-free any location

There is no charge for furnishing consultations when you purchase any Pianca piece with Home Resource.


Pianca draws upon the sound local tradition of cabinet making, travelling back over 500 years through time, to the old carpentry workshop, fed by a watermill, along the banks of the Pianca stream. Building on their history, they start from their workers’ knowledge and skills to look to the future, combining experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to the world.

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