Ella & Louis


Fixed sofa and double bed separable into two single beds
Ella & Louis

Ella & Louis is a self-supporting trasforming system which integrates a fixed sofa (W 216,5 cm) with a hide-away double bed with integrated pull-down mechanism, enabling its division into two separable single beds and an armchair.

The transformation of the double bed into two single beds, takes place by sliding on a track resting on the floor and fixed to the wall, with a release device with button for dividing into twobeds and with adjustment for unevenness.

The functional mechanisms are inside the structure. When the bed or beds - complete with upholstered headboards - are opened, the sofa seats, with removable cover, automatically move forwards and the backs recline.

The system can be completed, on the fixed side part, with modular elements from the Living & Young System, replacing the standard 1135 mm depth armrest with a shorter 785 mm depth armrest.

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Clei was the first company, since 1963, to explore the complex world of transformable furniture, becoming the undisputed world leader of multifunctional living. With the merger of quality, brilliance and innovation, Clei has developed a unique set of systems that help optimize, organize and save space in a condo or home. Sofas, bookcases and tables change into something different with a simple move.



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