Sakura Collection

Sifas USA

The SAKURA Collection distinguishes itself as a class above the rest with its fluid lines and shapes that represent the most modern designs in lounge furniture on the market.

The chairs come in four fixed relaxation positions, and can be put together to form straight-lined or curved lounge suites.

Each of the four designs, from the fully upright, to the fully reclined, is covered with high tech, supple Hydropass® material, offering comfort, performance, beauty, and durability.

Outdoor Sifas USA - Living
Width 80 32
Length 116 46
Height 80 32
Seat Height 27 11

Sifas USA

Since its creation in 1964, Sifas has led the design industry and furnished the most beatiful residences of the French Riviera, in a perfectly original In-Out attitude inspired by the region. Now, the In-Out theme continues to develop in the architectural world and in exclusive holiday resorts. To suit the needs of these exclusive resorts and exquisite homes, Sifas has created furniture that is both decorative and functional whether in the garden or in the formal dining room. Sifas aims to provide a fundamentally different concept, something uniquely In-Out.