Pierrot King Dormeuse


Pierrot king has non-removable leather upholstery, featuring special working. The Pierrot king backrest can be lowered by a simple movement until it becomes a comfortable sleeping surface.

Bonaldo Living Room - Lounge
170 x 91 x H 41/82 cm
199 x 91 x H 41 cm


Furnishing items that express design and emotion for the contemporary home, with a range of shapes and lines. Since 1936 Bonaldo has produced creative, elegant, quality objects that convey a profound sense of the experience that they fully embody. The company has always been involved in experimentation: sixty years ago it began with its range of tubular metal applications and today it conducts wide-ranging research into plastics, the use of different alloys and the use of materials such as pressure cast aluminium, flexible cold-pressed polyurethane and propylene. The company has a high-tech focus, however it entrusts fundamental planning and production stages to human skill.


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