Nicole Recliner


A complete collection of reclining chairs of different models, colors and finishing options, all of them with the exclusive Lafer retractable footrest, and the independent headrest and backrest fine adjustments.

On all models, regardless of their shape or style, you will find the amazing Lafer customized comfort.

Nicole's features:
•Retractable footrest
•Backrest inclination from 90º (seated) to 170º (sleeping position)
•Headrest adjustment
•Optional power adjustments (check availability in your area)
•One-leg  full 360º swivel leather base

Dimensions: 29.92"W x 30.31"D (reclined depth 30.31") x 42.13"
Material: Leather
Color: Available in Eight colors
Designer: Lafer


Founded in 1927 by Benjamin Lafer, a newly arrived immigrant, Lafer is today one of the most traditional furniture companies in Brasil.

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