Miir Mirror

Sovet Italia

Floor or vertical / horizontal hanging square mirror with aluminium structure. Sloping frame available in mirrored or lacquered glass, various colours and finishes. The back lacquered central mirror , various finishes, gets up from the frame in order to refract and diffuse the light. Available also with led lighting on the back of the central mirror (perimeter).

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For Sovet Italia
Michael & Kathy Bush

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For Sovet Italia

Our team of professionals at the Home Resource can help you delve through all the options and possibilities of furnishing with Sovet Italia including:

- Selecting the right pieces for your home or business
- Choosing your custom coverings
- Furniture installed properly and hassel-free any location

There is no charge for furnishing consultations when you purchase any Sovet Italia piece with Home Resource.

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Sovet Italia

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