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We’ve all been there before. It happens to you, that comfortable feeling when you come home. levi does not play a minor role in this. With clean lines and a tasteful color scheme, it's there to welcome you to your favorite place. Thanks to its flexible design, the appearance of the two versions can be effortlessly changed, with exciting effects. Offset, two-tone rectangles, together with the mirror, create perfectly shaped, three-dimensional design objects. Seeing, sliding, presenting, storing, on the one hand closed and on the other hand open to a warm welcome: levi is

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For INTERLUBKE
Michael & Kathy Bush

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For INTERLUBKE

Our team of professionals at the Home Resource can help you delve through all the options and possibilities of furnishing with INTERLUBKE including:

- Selecting the right pieces for your home or business
- Choosing your custom coverings
- Furniture installed properly and hassel-free any location

There is no charge for furnishing consultations when you purchase any INTERLUBKE piece with Home Resource.

Interlubke - Mirrors


Interlubke was founded in 1937 by the same family that still runs the company to this day. This is gratifying not only for the family and the employees, but also for our customers. It means that they can meet the highest requirements in terms of manufacturing and material quality, design and functionality. And this is evident in every single piece of interlubke furniture.


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