Ima Bed

Kenneth Cobonpue

finely woven abaca with sturdy ash wood frame complemented by the warmth of the leather laminate surfaces. bed in reconstructed leather with a canopy woven in abaca

Bedroom Kenneth Cobonpue - Beds
king bed: 132.6”w x 71”h x 95”d
queen bed: 116.8”w x 71”h x 95”d

Kenneth Cobonpue

Philippines based Kenneth Cobonpue is an internationally-renowned award winning furniture designer best known for his artistic rendering of rattan furniture into functional pieces of art . His work combines contemporary design with traditional methods and crafts, resulting in stunning signature pieces. Time Magazine credited Cobonpue as being rattan’s “first great virtuoso”. Coming from a family heritage of design, His design concepts are inspired by plants and other living things which he captures into his furniture design.

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