F1 Cantilever Chair


Crucial to this design is the svelte seat frame made of chrome-plated steel (also available in matt chrome or palladium), which resembles an endless loop and captures the imagination of the beholder. Encased by the frame, the svelte backrest gives the chair a slender and delicate appearance and forms the distinctive rear of the f1 cantilever chair– an often overlooked aspect.

The long backrest, which gradually diminishes in size from bottom to top, has an integrated lumbar support and flexible shoulder area that enables you to sit in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position.

Dining Room TEAM 7 - Chairs


TEAM 7 has been run by the owner family ever since it was founded on 7.9.1959. The TEAM 7 brand was registered in 1965. TEAM 7 monitors the entire process, from the tree to the finished furniture. Its sawmill in Hungary, natural wood board-making factory in Pram and furniture factories in Ried and Pram are all part of the TEAM 7 value-adding chain. Precious hardwoods from sustainably managed forests, glued using formaldehyde-free glues and finished with natural herbal oils: TEAM 7's unique purity standard provides a healthy room climate and is kind to the environment. TEAM 7 makes natural wood furniture to order for the living areas kitchen, dining, living, sleeping and children/young adults.