Eureka Bedside Table


Series of bedside tables and nighttime storage units with texture finish structure.The fronts can also be in retro-varnished glass. The collection is also available in an open version and the top in retro-lacquered glass. The drawers open with a central "push-pull" system.


Estel Office was born around the year 1990: dynamic laboratory of ideas that thanks to the value of planners, designers and craftsmen, deeply renovates the habitat dedicated to humans and their work. estel Office is a furniture project in constant development, a production of solutions, a new way of understanding the intricate environment of contemporary offices,  waiting rooms, communal areas and lounges.

Estel grows with the environment: one of the pillars of company policy is represented by the protection of the environment and from this perspective it has expressed its commitment  already obtaining four certifications for Estel Office spa:

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