Cubus TV Sideboard


The cubus TV sideboard offers storage room and you will be amazed by its practical technology. A TV appliance can be lowered all the way with the electronic screen lift with continual height adjustment. An indented rear wall provides a compartment in which the TV and cabling can be stored out of sight. This visual separation allows this TV unit to be used as a conventional cabinet.

The flush-mounted sliding doors with touch function and electrically-assisted opening impulse are highly convenient. A viewing window ensures that appliances can be remotely controlled even when the unit is closed.

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For TEAM 7
Michael & Kathy Bush

Expert Design and Furnishing Help For TEAM 7

Our team of professionals at the Home Resource can help you delve through all the options and possibilities of furnishing with TEAM 7 including:

- Selecting the right pieces for your home or business
- Choosing your custom coverings
- Furniture installed properly and hassel-free any location

There is no charge for furnishing consultations when you purchase any TEAM 7 piece with Home Resource.


TEAM 7 has been run by the owner family ever since it was founded on 7.9.1959. The TEAM 7 brand was registered in 1965. TEAM 7 monitors the entire process, from the tree to the finished furniture. Its sawmill in Hungary, natural wood board-making factory in Pram and furniture factories in Ried and Pram are all part of the TEAM 7 value-adding chain. Precious hardwoods from sustainably managed forests, glued using formaldehyde-free glues and finished with natural herbal oils: TEAM 7's unique purity standard provides a healthy room climate and is kind to the environment. TEAM 7 makes natural wood furniture to order for the living areas kitchen, dining, living, sleeping and children/young adults.

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