Cube Cabinet


Whatever ideas you may have, the cube cabinet system will turn out just the way you want.
You decide how many elements it will have, what functions are built in and in which direction each element will open. This is why cube stands for a totally unique style - yours.

cube is the first piece of furniture with four fronts. Because when planning the set-up you yourself determine in which direction each element opens.

cube leaves room for your creative imagination. The single element drawer units are available in two different widths, three different depths and four different heights. They can be stacked or joined lengthwise.

Dining Room Interlubke - Buffets


Interlubke was founded in 1937 by the same family that still runs the company to this day. This is gratifying not only for the family and the employees, but also for our customers. It means that they can meet the highest requirements in terms of manufacturing and material quality, design and functionality. And this is evident in every single piece of interlubke furniture.