Around the Roses Stools


Suspended between form and structure in a give-and-take of impressions, the new stools are additions to the Around the Roses family designed by Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone. These seats, in line with the products presented previously, also have a metal structure for supporting the round upholstered seat covered with two different types of fabrics. A first technical fabric is in orange while the others follow and fit in with the floral images of the entire collection.

The stools are 73 cm high and the round seat has a diameter of 39 cm.


Since 1952, MOROSO has been desigining sofas, armchairs, and accessories with well known desigers such as Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Enrico Franzolini, Marc Newton, Toshiyuki Kita, and Patricia Urquiola. MOROSO has focused on constructing furniture at the highest quality and was the first Italian producer of upholstered furniture in Italy to receive ISO 9000 certification for comany management, design, production and customer service.

Since there is a close connection between quality and the impact on the environment, MOROSO uses nonpolluting clean production processes, and natural materials.