577 Recliner

Rolf Benz

The innovative new function of the Rolf Benz 577 relaxing armchair, designed by the Schnabel, Schneider Industrial Design studio in Germany, not only allows you sit upright, but also to lounge and relax in extreme, virtually weightless comfort. The extraordinarily pleasant feeling, whether seated or lying down, is achieved by means of the ergonomically optimum distribution of body weight – and thus the pressure that is sensed – on the soft upholstery. In an upright posture, the natural concave curvature of the human spine is actively supported by the armchair. In the relaxing position, the body then “falls” into its ergonomically ideal position, the back can become rounded and the body has the perfect position to relax and recover. By propping up the moveable headrest of the armchair, a practical and comfortable TV viewing position can be adopted. The head is held erect, the view is horizontal. However, if you simply want to rest or even sleep, the optimum position is attained by tilting the headrest back.

Seat heights 46 cm or 49 cm.
Seat depths 53 cm or 56 cm.
Covers more than 230 farbrics and 80 leathers

Rolf Benz

Is there really only one world to live in? With Rolf Benz you can
discover so many other worlds. Always different, always surprising,
always individual, and always amazing.  With us, you will find your
own personal living space, so that you can live in perfect harmony
with the way you feel.


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