Design Werner Aisslinger 2007
FUSION ... within living memory, round tables are the archetypes in this kind of furniture.
Formerly derived from natural forms like boles and accordingly treated, they are firmly rooted in the subconscious mind of the user as archetypes. As lasting and durable design is always a search for archetype forms and functions, FUSION likes to achieve this purpose. FUSION combines this original table concept with the modularity principle and a shape maximally dissolved into construction lines. The solidity of this central stamp passes, due to the aluminium cast bows, the metamorphosis to a three-dimensional grid. (Werner Aisslinger)�
The aluminium cast bows are deliverable in all RAL, NCS and Sikkens colours. The tabletop is available in glass or natural stone.�

Dining Room Draenert - Tables
B-L-H in cm
110 � x 74
120 � x 74
130 � x 74
140 � x 74
150 � x 74


DRAENERT is a top-brand of the international furniture design for more than forty years. The company designs and produces high-quality designer furniture in the tradition of a modern manufactory. Founded in 1968, the brand is representative since four decades for art and designer furniture, traditional craftsmanship, quality and first-class workmanship, exclusiveness and know-how.

DRAENERT furniture is distinctive – apart from craftsmanship, it is the longing for perfection, individuality and an unmistakable loving attention to detail that make them so unique.

The main emphasis of the collection is on dining and coffee tables with patented extension-mechanisms, as well as chairs matching in form and style, that also have innovative mechanisms.

Due to high innovation level DRAENERT claims for himself the technological leadership in regard to extension mechanisms and functionalities, because since its founding, the company has applied for more than 100 patents, whose technological fineness is implemented in the models of the entire collection.

State-of-the-art technologies, as it is DRAENERT with its patented mechanisms, make a product distinctive and desirous. Nowadays the customer expects that additional dimension of a top-brand. This is what makes the unique characteristic within a certain segment. More than ever before customers want to identify themselves with a brand.



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